The 4 projects that El Manguaré works on

El Manguaré focuses on the development of children in Iquitos, in the Amazon basin of Peru. By better education the vicious circle of poverty and illiteracy can be broken.

El Manguaré’s successful education program is based on four projects.

    1. I exist and go to school

      birthregistration IquitosAfter having informed parents about the benefits of birth registration, El Manguaré organizes mass enrollment days. Only with proper identity papers is education (and health care) accessible.
      During its campaigns El Manguaré comes across many uneducated and undocumented children who are then helped to go or return to school. Read how we do this. 

    2. Quality improvement of education

      El Manguaré supports local schools with educational material and practical training for their teachers with the aim of improving the educational level of the school.
      Each year it also organizes five workshops in maths, language and teacher training for large groups of teachers from local schools. Read about this project.

    3. Our Preschool – El Manguaré

      preschoolEl Manguaré helps free of charge children that have significant educational deficits or other learning disabilities and prepares them for first grade state school.
      In addition these students, most of whom come from poor dysfunctional families, receive supplementary food, medical care and free medical insurance. Take a look at our aims and achievements. 

    4. Early Stimulation

      early stimulationIn her work with three-to-seven-year-olds (and their parents) El Manguaré makes use of the Susuki method to encourage early social, emotional and creative development. Read some more about this project. 


      The above projects are illustrated in our three-year Projectplan 2016-2018. (Dutch Document)