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The children of Iquitos do need your help! Each one of them is delighted to go to school. Unfortonately means to get them properly educated are insufficiant. El Manguaré helps them with very effective activities:

    1. Birth certificate campaigns (in order to get them enlisted for a public school),
    2. Educating teachers to uplift the quality of education and a pre-school and
    3. Tutoring in El Mangaré school to prepare 5 – 7 year olds for elementary school.

El Manguaré depends on your support.

El Manguaré does not receive any goverment funding and is solely dependent on gifts from people and funds. Would you help El Manguare to educatie the children of Iquitos so they can escape from the poverty trap and have better chances in life?

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Stichting El Manguaré
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