What are the beliefs of El Manguaré?

Our Vision:

The spiral of poverty combined with the social, emotional and financial problems among the population of Iquitos can only be broken out of through better and more accessible education for the youngest generation.

To achieve this, we need to cooperate and transfer knowledge to parents and schoolteachers, while keeping close contact with their school directors and local authorities is essential.
In this way dependency on El Manguaré can be minimized and the number of people that can be efficiently reached, will be maximized.

Our Mission:

El Manguaré wants to help break this vicious circle of poverty in the disadvantaged neighborhoods of Iquitos by:

  • Combating illiteracy
  • Helping obtain birth and study documents
  • Helping roaming children to go (or return) to school
  • Preparing children with deficient knowledge or other problems for state education
  • Improving the quality of education in state schools
  • Helping obtain medical checks, insurance and supplemental food
  • Promoting early stimulation in home and school environments
  • Increasing the self-confidence of children, parents and teachers.
girl Iquitos education poverty

Education will give this girl a better chance

Our Objectives

This mission is the essence of the El Manguaré Foundation and lies at the root of the long-term objectives, as Stated in the Policy(Document in Dutch)

Our Teams

To execute this objective, the Peruvian Asociacion El Manguaré was founded.

The Dutch Foundation El Manguaré is mainly engaged in fundraising, fund management, and coordination of volunteers and interns for the benefit of the Peruvian foundation.